About Me



My name is Geoff Anderson.  My organisation is the NAS Whisky.

I live in Dollar a wonderful community in the Hillfoots in Central Scotland in the shadow of the Ochil Mountains a few miles from the 7 million casks of maturing whisky at Diageo’s Black Grange Bonded Warehouses  I have family and friends who are industry professionals locally and beyond.  My favourite activity is sharing a dram with family or friends which I do regularly.  I love the variety of whiskies predominantly Scotch and Bourbon and enjoy a dram from further afield.

I am deeply committed to the success of the Whisky industry Nationally and Internationally.  I review and advocate whisky both Aged and Non Age Statement expressions to the ever growing ever more diverse whisky community.   

My whisky ventures are entirely self funded.  At present I do not seek to generate income from these activities but will move to this as time and my audience progresses.  I benefit occasionally from Press samples but when I do I declare this in my reviews and it does not influence my opinion my commitment to integrity is absolute.

I tweet as @Whisky_And1, I blog as eightsome reel.co.uk, I podcast, I vlog.  NAS  Whisky has Brand values of Humour, Integrity, Authenticity,  Commercial and Digital Expertise.

Geoff is a retired Internatinal Management consultant and Lawyer.  To subscribe to this point you must be of legal drinking age in your country.

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